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The Amanda Pepper Mysteries: Bundle #1 Gillian Roberts

The Amanda Pepper Mysteries: Bundle #1

Gillian Roberts

Published May 22nd 2015
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 About the Book 

The first three novels in the award-winning Amanda Pepper mystery series are now available in one volume!CAUGHT DEAD IN PHILADELPHIAThe debut of Philly Prep English teacher and accidental sleuth, Amanda Pepper, (and of C.K. Mackenzie, homicide detective) won the World Mystery Conventions Anthony for best first mystery.When the body of a colleague is found dead in Amandas living room, she has to clear herself of suspicion—and make sure she isnt the next victim as well. And all shes got as a clue to the real killers identity is a locket shaped like Winnie-the-Pooh.PHILLY STAKESAmanda attempts to instill the spirit of Christmas by having her students prepare and serve a meal for the homeless, but her plan backfires. A wealthy and politically ambitious parent, Alexander Sandy Clausen, turns the event into a lavish, catered publicity and personal photo-op. Worse, his party ends in fire and death with his daughter, Amandas student, one of three people who insist they alone started the fire. Amanda wants to solve the crime with her sometime boyfriend and cop C.K. Mackenzie, and is equally determined to teach the the elusive killer a lesson or two as well.ID RATHER BE IN PHILADELPHIAAmanda is sorting books for a school fundraiser, when she comes across a book for battered women that contains a special and frightening message from its original, anonymous owner. Desperate to learn who donated the books, Amandas search leads her to deliberate brutality and its cold-blooded consequences.