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Crossed (Soul Eater #3) Eliza Crewe

Crossed (Soul Eater #3)

Eliza Crewe

Enter the sum

 About the Book 

War is here.Full-scale war has erupted between the Crusaders and demons and even Chi has to admit isn’t going well. Like any sensible rat, Meda’s eager to abandon the sinking ship but, unfortunately, her friends arent nearly as pragmatic. Instead, Meda’s forced to try to keep them all alive until the dust settles.As the Crusaders take more and more drastic measures, the tables turn and Meda suddenly finds herself in the role of voice of sanity. No one is more horrified than she is. When old enemies reappear as new allies and old friends become new enemies Meda has to decide—again—whose side she’s really on.And then the Crusaders decide that Meda should go to Hell. Literally.Can’t a monster ever catch a break?