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Dear God Let Me Lose Fat, Amen J.R. Paine

Dear God Let Me Lose Fat, Amen

J.R. Paine

Published January 5th 2007
ISBN : 9781419651014
62 pages
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 About the Book 

Dear God Let Me Lose Fat, Amen. Not just a book but a Weight Loss Bible and Health Kit in a Book with 40 instant virtual coaches who provide all the education, know-how, and motivation readers need to realize their dream of having a slim, healthy body for life without starvation, surgery, diet pills, liposuction, appetite suppressants and other risky diet fads. Your dieting nightmare can be over. With the invention of 40 ready to clip, frame and display Fat Loss Coaches (Patent Pending) embedded in virtual Personal Trainers, Tutors, Tools and Nutritionists that stay on duty 24/7 on your refrigerator door, kitchen counters, dinner table, bedside table, TV set, office desk or wherever you need them, you have 24/7 health and EZ2SLIMTM instant know-how available to you to help you stop your hunger & cravings juggernaut. These AVAILABLE FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER virtual Coaches show you how to make better health decisions and live longer livesNow, everyone can outsmart obesity. Now, everyone has a CHOICE. You can use your $25.99 to buy ONE Dear God, Let Me Lose Fat, Amen health KIT in a Book or you can buy 2 Let Me Gain Fat fast food lunches. Its up to YOU.Transporting foods, fluids, dangerous diet pills, herbs caused the current overweight epidemic. It is totally irrational to claim that the mouth that created the problem can also provide the solution! Yet, because we like to eat, nearly 90% of the existing weight loss plans use the mouth to transport some magic stuff to swallow that will burn or flush the fat from your body or fool the brain into thinking the stomach is full. This recipe for fat loss is scientifically flawed and biologically unacceptable to the body and has led to an obesity tsunami.